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We are firm believers in power of mentorship.  Experts act as advisors and lead the young engineers.


For example, Dirk Hoke, former CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, is mentoring the CEO of Plasmos. This is best way to combine a hungry entrepreneur's power and energy with experiences that come from a former executive who is thriving in his career.


This is not only the CEO of Plasmos, it applies to all levels of the company, including interns and engineers, product managers and technicians. 

We think the culture of startup in valley needs fresh blood. We are the fresh blood. 

“Plasmos is energetic and intriguing. Ali’s passion is contagious and ignites an atmosphere of creativity.”

Credo made a video on the progress of Plasmos - an unscripted one. 

''We are a people company at first, then we are an aerospace startup.'' - Ali Baghchehsara, Founder & CEO

Our Values


It is important to produce results. But what's even more important is simplifying what's not as helpful to simplify - optimizing for value add.

Get shit Done!

We are a company that gets shit done. That's how progress is made! We are not perfect and make mistakes. We also learn from them.


We like to care about each other, make life-long friendships at work, and still thrive. We often know about each other's life and value people's personal life.


Clear and direct communication is key! We believe our core competencies will shine only if we communicate well.

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